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Hybrid - body ref
I'm designing a new character for an RP I'm getting into on another site. So far it's a rather odd, anomalous life-form. A merging of the DNA of an Anunnaki, a phoenix and a still rather unknown entity the scientists found in an unmarked cryo-pod drifting not far from Earth's moon. The rich qualities in the unknown entity's DNA were the perfect glue to hold everything else together - not to mention give the product hybrid a load of unique traits and abilities.

I actually have some info for it:

Name: Hybrid 0017-64

Species: Genetically-engineered specimen mixture of Anunnaki, phoenix and an unknown alien life-form

Sex: Both sexless and sexed, can change at will

Age: 301 days and fully-formed

Concept: Escaped test subject

Height: On two legs: 7’6” | On four legs: 5’

Weight: In its natural state it weighs an impressive 1,000 lbs. give or take. Somewhat deceiving given its somewhat lean appearance.

Build: Somewhat lanky and lean despite its apparent strength capabilities.

Personality: Child-like and curious, its few dealings with humans and other sentient humanoids has only led it to believe everyone is bad and wants to hurt it. Having been poked, prodded and treated like an object and then violently chased down during his escape certainly didn’t help raise any trust for other life-forms, and deservedly so. It has a whole world of things to learn about including itself given the fact it has no idea where it came from. It was just simply…born. No one explained anything because it didn’t need to think…but think it could. In complex ways perhaps the researchers hadn’t realized. Now that sharp mind is on the run, scared and uncertain of how to proceed. Its instincts were nearly all bred out of it save a few primal thoughts like: fight or flee. And right now…fleeing looks like the best way to go.

Abilities: No one knew exactly what capabilities would arise from such a mixed up life-form but the few they were able to document were:

    -          Increased strength akin to that of a werebeast or elder vampire, perhaps even some dragons.

    -          Increased dexterity that seemed to stem from the creature’s natural ability to shift its cells into the form of pure energy allowing bursts of lightening-like speed. This same feature can create light and heat in amounts undocumented due to its escape.

    -          Malleable cellular structure and increased intelligence allowing the alteration of its physical form. Some scientists theorized it may even be able to utilize doppelganger-like shape-shifting abilities but it is unfounded save the fact they witnessed the creature change sex more than once. It seemed involuntary and the team theorized it would settle once it made up its mind which it preferred.

    -          The life-form once sneezed fire but the team could find no explanation as to why without dissecting it completely. All flammable materials were kept away from that point on, just in case. A metallic gland was located inside the creature’s mouth and they theorize it produces a volatile gas from one of its three stomachs. Theories are unconfirmed due to specimen’s escape.

    -          Camouflage capabilities that can render him nearly invisible but instead its utilized as a way to show its emotional state, it hasn’t figured out how to blend in with surroundings just yet.

    -          Two, bone-like structures protrude from its shoulder blades in an almost mechanical fashion. They look like installed parts but they are indeed part of the creature’s skeleton. During the creature’s frantic escape the scientists learned that these house massive loads of light and energy that releases in bursts to give the hybrid the ability of a jet-like flight; how long this can last is questionable, however, and they still have no idea how exactly it works.

    -          Six eyes situated so that the creature has little to no blind spot operate independently much like a chameleon. They will focus on one individual if needed but no less than two eyes are required for him to tap into night, heat or ultraviolet vision with a zoom ability of up to two miles.

    -          The feathered section of the tail possesses its own set of ribs which can extend to create a wider tail with which to steer during flight. Anyone who touches the tail might not realize it unless the creature willingly relaxes the normally taut muscles and allows it to unfurl. It’s an odd feature the scientists found fascinating.

    -          It has complete control of its plumage and can flare it or lay it flat at a moment’s notice. The muscles holding the feathers are actually quite strong and the process of plucking one is an arduous and painful struggle.

    -          Auditory capabilities can be off the charts when it focuses and its sense of smell puts a grizzly bear to shame. These senses can be used to overload the life-form and stun it momentarily before it has time to adjust. Inability to adjust could result in permanent damage to his faculties.

    -          Microscopic patterning upon the bottom of the creature’s hands and feet create a gecko-like effect, allowing the life-form to stick to nearly any surface (minus those that are greased). Similarly, wrists and ankles akin to a fossa allow it to climb up or down, head first, without trouble.

    -          Due to the fact the creature’s body mass is so intense he literally sinks like a stone in water. The scientists discovered this quite accidentally (much to their shock and panic) but found they had no reason to worry given the fact that each of the creature’s cells store oxygen in preparation of long periods of being deprived; they theorize for space travel but no tests were conducted to confirm.

    -          The creature seems to be absolutely and 100% immune to heat and fire. In fact…it actually likes intense heat and light and is most at home curled up INSIDE a blazing fire. This bizarre behavior can only be explained based on the part of its DNA that took on phoenix qualities. Maybe Anunnaki as well but the scientists can’t be certain with no living specimens to compare it to.

    -          The life-form also appears to be immune to cold temperatures partway into the subzero. Only cryo-technology has the capability to freeze him solid, that and certain sorcery or alchemic processes. Extreme cold will slow him down after a time, but it won’t kill him.

More info will come as I adjust/add things. ;3
Bryan Damien Mitchell
Just a boring old human character whose design I'm having trouble really nailing. I think it comes down to the fact my talent with human facial anatomy is shallow at best. Ah well...guess I just keep trying. lol

SCRAPS CUZ' I HATE IT KINDA' but oh well, it'll do. lol
Adrasteia AKA Artemis
One of a set of six belonging to the HPK (Hell Peace Keepers). A role-play I'm currently in called for a demon/devil SWAT team from Hell to react to an unnatural occurrence on Earth concerning a possibly defunct/radical devil. At first they were just NPCs but they quickly became key in the scenario and I found myself giving them personalities and names - know the rest. xD

Arty here is a harpy, the sharpshooter on the team. I modeled her natural form after a harpy eagle (HA!) but I also intend to design her a rather wicked-looking demon-form. I'll probably make that a little more traditional in nature with some human flesh showing through and maybe a little mixed features. We'll see, I tend to forget what I'm doing when designing these days and go whichever direction the pencil takes me. xD

While Artemis isn't her real name she sort of uses it like it is. When her squad chose to take Greek code names it sort of made Artemis laugh. Her real name was Greek already so she often jokes she went from one Greek title to the next - but she likes Artemis far more. 

She's a fiery little thing who wouldn't know cowardice or fear, she's too hot-headed to be concerned about it. While cool under pressure insult to her skill or her team's ability can and will push her over the edge. She can become reckless in these situations but she can also become very dangerous if she shifts into her monstrous demon-form. The captain of the team appreciates her skill and may give her a pass on one outburst or another but after a time he WILL come down on her. She takes it pretty well, though. She just angrily grits her beak and furiously cleans her firearms. xD

Why I drew her first I have no idea. I think I'm coming to terms with the fact I just absolutely love bird anatomy. Feathers, scales, beaks, talons - it's all really fun to draw. =3
Unnamed Lynx
Sort of an abandoned character concept for a story, I like the sketch though. Despite its terrible quality - hence scraps. lol
An old sketch done on bad paper that scanned terribly...hence scraps. xD

A friend asked our group to all make up and draw a beastmaster character, I forget what for but I kinda' fell in love with my concept. Kio is some sort of woodland orphan (who knows what his species is, some sort of feathered humanoid-thing) that has a neat ability to decipher beast languages. Valg is the creature he happened to encounter first and bond with, a rather large, armadillo-rhino-dragon-thing with the sentient capabilities of a young human despite her lack of ability to speak sentient languages. She'd really rather prefer to be wild and free but has adopted a certain, almost mother-like fondness of the boy. She is fiercely protective of him and would not hesitate to kill on his behalf. Kio, however, is a gentle soul with a kind heart and would never wish death on anyone. He's still pretty innocent due to the fact he's had very few dealings with sentient humanoids. Beasts are his specialty, he can talk to them and they can talk to him. It's just easier that way. xD - Plus their concepts are simple and most times logical. Humanoids..they're convoluted and have ulterior motives. Kio doesn't understand that yet.


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